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Decline of the Dollar

The dollar has been consistently going down in the last hundred years, but hard assets continue to grow. Do not hesitate, make the call today.


Financial Advice

According to UCLA, 95% of investors are dissatisfied with the financial advice they have been receiving. This is due to investors purposely giving false advice to benefit from insurance schemes, a volatile economy and quite simply corruption. Individuals who have been smart enough to invest in hard assets, have enjoyed seeing their profits grow. Nearly 100% of people who invest in gold, silver and other hard assets show the highest satisfaction ratings. Be one of them today!


Better Information

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, 60 minutes and multiple universities and even Allan Greenspan, investors are receiving more false information than ever before. We here at Hard Assets of Houston are certified in Ethics and Customer Service by Best Practices Non-Profit Group. Our satisfaction ratings are nearly 100%, and we offer the safest investment in human history.


Growth Strategies

Most new investors do not understand the precious metal market because, simply, they're new to it. While I believe that anyone buying gold/silver will greatly benefit, there are many unknown strategies that could exponentially increase the rate of return. Click here to find the many ideas that will enhance your overall portfolio.



It was a pleasure to conduct business with an individual that embraces the attributes of honesty, integrity, and reliability. I would not hesitate to do business with Chad again.

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